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HEPACART Infection Control Technologies.


Every patient care facility and hospital must be mindful of Infection Control. HEPACART® offers a range of products that can keep renovation, construction, and maintenance areas contained in a way that protects patients and does not hinder staff's ability to provide care.


Virtually any construction project can create dust and debris. In delicate environments, this is a major problem. The HEPACART® line of products can create negative air pressure that captures and filters dust and contaminants so that they are never released into the rest of the building.



Each HEPACART® product is designed to make remodeling, renovation, maintenance, and construction easy and safe. With HEPACART®, anyone can easily ensure a clean environment stays that way. Our products are easily affordable, durable, and portable for maximum efficiency.


What Every HEPACART® Classic Unit Includes

Structure: It's the best in class with a heavy-duty, fully-boxed aluminum base and wheel assemblies rated for 900 lbs. All four casters are rated for 900 lbs. each with swivel locks on one end.

Filtration: This unit is a lab-tested design and has individually tested units, and comes with certified testing results and documentation. This unit features a medical-grade HEPA filter (99.99+% at .03 microns), MERV 18 plus rating, and a 750 CFM fan.

Electrical and Lighting: Three-way electrical switch wired for 120 v. allows power to be safely controlled inside and outside the cart for best IC practices. Includes a 25 ft. retractable extension cord, four convenience outlets, HALO LED enclosure lighting, in-use light, and LED shelf light.

Premium Door Package: The unit comes with a lock and key set, window, and work order/permit slip holder.

Enclosure: This unit is adjustable, fabricated using a durable, healthcare approved, antimicrobial, anti-static, fire-resistant, and easy-to-clean material available in white and translucent. Each enclosure has two pass-through slips and a clear zipping closed-top. Classic models have the slide-out/offset top-frame to work around wall obstacles.

Premium Door Package: Lock and key set, window, and work order/permit slip holder.

Additional Safety Features: The unit comes with a one year warranty, has a negative air indicator (manometer), and a walk-off mat storage compartment below the door.

It can be customized, retrofitted, or upgraded to include:

  • Upper and lower wall access

  • Multiple tile adapters for work in more than one tile

  • Vision 360 panels for a unit with total visibility

  • Adjustable ladder extension mechanism to work up to 16 ft.

  • Lockable top for job-box conversion

  • Import and export adapters

  • Enclosure windows and other customization

  • Ladders, filters, vacuums, dust covers

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